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Hurricane Relief Challenge (Final Day)

CMC Hurricane Relief

30 Day – 30 Item Challenge
(September 14th through October 15th)

There is a team of community members in Cape May County who have started this challenge.  They are reaching out to friends, neighbors and local business owners to gather as many of the 30 items listed on the attached sheet and drop off to one of the local businesses, who have volunteered to be drop off locations. 

Our own kind hearted, 1st grader, Brynn Cunningham wrote a letter to our school asking if we would all help those who have been affected by the hurricanes.  We thought this would be a perfect way to fulfill her request.

The challenge will run from September 14th – October 15th, with all items to be shipped out the week of Oct. 16th.

Once we have collected all of the items that you donate, we will deliver them to one of the following local drop off locations (Cabrera Companies, Lark Motel, Salon Elite, Sea Foam Soap Company, and Blue Eden).

You can read more about this countywide collection on their Facebook page, CMC Hurricane Relief 30 Day 30 item challenge for Florida

Thank you Brynn for opening up your little heart to those in need!

If you have any questions please email Mrs. Smallwood


List of 30 Items- 30 Days for CMC Hurricane Relief

Tube of toothpaste


Pack of toilet paper

Pack of paper towels

Bottle of Shampoo

Bottle of conditioner

Pack of dental floss

Box of trash bags


Pack of Q-Tips

Pillow(new only)

Pack of paper plates

Box of pet food

Box of pet treats

Backpack (can be used)

Bag of rice

Box of cereal

Box of spaghetti

Box of granola bars/ power bars

Can of soup

Can of vegetables

Baby food/formula

Diapers (any size)

Baby wipes



Batteries (any size)


10/12/2017 (All day)