Middle (5-8)

Academic Team
Contact: Tony Tomasello [email protected]
Students on the Academic team practice during the school day to compete in events throughout Cape May and Atlantic County. Events include competition in trivia, history, art and culture, geography, sports, music, and math. 

Middle 5-8

Art Club
Contact: Olivia Debow at  debow@avesnj.org
The Art Club is a working studio where students learn through authentic art making. Control shifts from teacher to learner as students explore ideas and interests in the art media of their choice. The art studio is a space where young artist can harness their creativity and thrive. The club allows students of any ability level to direct their own artistic expression. Students who are interested in what they are creating will be students who are invested in their own learning.


Contact: Todd Welcz  welcz@avesnj.org
Instrumental music lessons are given during the school day. Band will meet before or after school in preparation for shows. It is for those students who want to take their playing to the next level. These students will play more difficult band arrangements and will be performing in our concerts with the Avalon and Stone Harbor School.

Contact: Sarah McKee (Girls) at [email protected] or
Juan Vazquez (Boys) at [email protected]
Our boys and girls basketball teams compete in a full season beginning with practices in November and ending in February. Practice is generally 4 days a week and games are 2-3 days per week during season against other Cape-Atlantic Junior League schools. To be eligible to participate, students must have a completed sports physical. 


Contact: Julia Henrich [email protected]
Avalon choir is available for those interested, in grades 5-8, afters chool on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending on the season. Choir sings a variety of age appropriate repertoire and performs at field trips and concerts throughout the year.

Cross Country
Contact: Laura Salvesen [email protected]
Students in grades 5-8 are eligible to participate in our Cross Country Team. The season runs during September and October after school in Avalon. Students practice 4 days a week and have a variety of home and away meets in the Cape-Atlantic Junior League 2-3 times per week once the season gets underway. To be eligible to participate, students must have a completed sports physical. 

Drama Club
Contact: Julia Henrich [email protected]
Drama club presents a spring musical. Practices, leading up to the musical, are held after school. The schedule is given in the fall for after school commitment. Rehearsals either take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Drama club builds stage skills and confidence in preparation for their show.

Homework Club
Contact: Catherine Krause [email protected]
Homework Club is for students to get help with homework and to assist students in organizational skills to help with completing homework. Students also attend homework club to get extra help or to have a quiet place to study a couple of days a week.

Junior National Honor Society
Contact: Mari Coskey  [email protected]
The National Junior Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding middle school students. More than just an honor roll, the Avalon NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Service, Citizenship, Leadership, and Character. Avalon’s NJHS members are the ambassadors of the school; participating in many school-wide and community events throughout their 8th grade year.

Student Council
Contact: Alanna Smallwood  [email protected]
Student Council is an extracurricular activity comprised of a group of students elected by their peers to help share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns within the school and community. Avalon School’s Student Council sponsors school wide social events, community outreach programs, and service projects throughout the year. School activities include spirit days, dances, game nights, special celebrations, and student and staff appreciation days. Our community outreach and service projects impact our community in a positive way. Student Council strives to make our school a better place, foster a school-community relationship, and engage student leaders.


Contact: Catherine Krause [email protected]
A MakerSpace is a place where people learn to use tools and materials and can develop creative projects. MakerSpaces are adaptable and can be shaped by common goals or individuals’ interests. MakerSpaces Inspire Creativity and Confidence, Promote Community and Collaboration and Emphasizes Process over Product.

Contact: Catherine Krause [email protected]
Choice Based Learning - Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
In STEM CBL students are able to pursue projects based on their own passions and interests from their own designs. Anything related to science, technology, engineering and/or math is an option. Students are encouraged to pursue something with which they are not already familiar so as to expand their horizons and extend their knowledge.

Avalon Stone Harbor PTC
Kelly McCorristin: [email protected]
The Avalon Stone Harbor Parent Teacher Connection (PTC) is committed to fostering the family-school relationship in our districts. PTC provides our students with program enhancements, student activities, family events, and supplemental educational material. Both groups thrive on the support and dedication of our families. As we continue to build a strong support network for our schools,  we hope to expand our reach to all district students and families, as well as branch out into the community.