Boards of Education

The Avalon and Stone Harbor Elementary Schools Boards of Education are committed to providing a quality education program for every student. We strive to ensure that all students are proficient in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Our children will be taught in a safe and positive environment and will learn to be responsible, confident and caring citizens.

Please refer to the following document regarding the role of the Board of Education in the administration of school districts and the guidelines for school board meetings in New Jersey:

A Guide to Board of Education Meetings in New Jersey

We are committed to the following:

  • To make the students the heart of the school, with every teacher giving instruction in sound fundamentals and inspiring every student to work to the limit of his/her ability.
  • To develop in each child a full appreciation and acceptance of the responsibilities as well as the privileges of our democratic society.
  • To develop the habits and attitudes essential for personal integrity and civic competence.
  • To emphasize maximum achievement and proficiency in the fundamentals of reading, computation, writing, and oral and written composition.
  • To assist pupils to recognize and discover interests and aptitude for vocational purposes as well as for personal growth and development.
  • To promote health and physical fitness.
  • To develop the traits of initiative and self-reliance through classroom practices.
  •  To teach respect for other pupils, for adults, and for constituted authority.

Avalon Board of Education

Avalon Board of EdTop Row: Lois Scarpa, John Richardson (Board Vice-President), Alexis Binder
Bottom Row: Suzanne Walters (Stone Harbor Representative), Lynn Schwartz (Board President), Matt Wolf

Stone Harbor Board of Education

Stone Harbor Board of Ed
Top Row: John McAllister, Mark Matreale (Board Vice-President), Bob Ross
Bottom Row: Lois Scarpa (Avalon Representative), Maggie Day, Suzanne Walters (Board President)