Elementary (K-4)

Art Club
Contact: Olivia Debow [email protected]
The Art Club is a working studio where students learn through authentic art making. Control shifts from teacher to learner as students explore ideas and interests in the art media of their choice. The art studio is a space where young artist can harness their creativity and thrive. The club allows students of any ability level to direct their own artistic expression. Students who are interested in what they are creating will be students who are invested in their own learning.

Elemntary k4

Contact: Todd Welcz [email protected]
Band Club is also offered to the 4th graders, beginning in February. It meets from 8am to 8:45am before school begins. It is for those students who want to take their playing to the next level. These students will play more difficult band arrangements and will be performing in our spring concert with the Avalon School.

Contact: Julia Henrich [email protected]
Stone Harbor choir is available for those interested, grades 2-4, after school.
Avalon choir is available for those interested, in grades 5-8, after school. Choir sings a variety of age appropriate repertoire and performs at field trips and concerts throughout the year.

Garden Club (PTC Club)
Contact: Karyl Palmer (Rutgers Master Gardener) [email protected]
The Garden Club is open to third and fourth grade students. They meet once a week during the fall and then again in the spring. Each year, the club members focus on a garden-related theme. The group has studied wildlife gardening, garden related literature, insects and plant diseases. Through lecture and hands-on activities, the goal of the meetings is to acquire knowledge and understanding that the students can then use when and as it relates to their lives. Students learn to respect nature, to listen, to follow directions, to problem-solve, to work independently, and to work together.